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SOCAP: Growing the Market for Impact

SOCAP is the largest and most diverse impact investing community in the world. We convene a global ecosystem and marketplace – social entrepreneurs, investors, foundation and nonprofit leaders, government and policy leaders, creators, corporations, academics, and beyond –  through live and digital content experiences that educate, spur conversation, and inspire investment in positive impact.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of markets to accelerate impact and, in pursuit of that goal, we have convened more than 20,000 people since our first event in 2008.

Our Community: Welcome to the Big Tent

We unite around a shared passion for shaping the possible. SOCAP designs experiences to engage and amplify our community of dynamic individuals and organizations who share values of collaboration, curiosity, and a commitment to accelerating social and environmental solutions.

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“This industry uses the power of finance and business to make the world a better place, and SOCAP, which is the biggest convener of all the main stakeholders in the industry, is a big part of the reason why.”

– Huffington Post, Impact

SOCAP Principles: The foundation for all that we do

Money + Meaning

Operating at the intersection of money and meaning, we believe markets create momentum to deliver solutions to the world’s toughest problems.

Embrace the Possible

Learn while leaning forward. Celebrate leading-edge ideas, experiments and applications, success or failure.

Connect Valuable Strangers

Convening a global community – across sectors, issue areas, and geographies – creates unexpected content and connections that spark new relationships and catalyze ideas for progress.

Prioritize Integrity of Impact

Unwavering commitment to cut through hype and focus on solutions with real potential for long term change.

Spark Impact Through Stories

Curate and share stories that connect at a human level. Commitment to action is driven by stories that touch our hearts, reminding us why we’re doing the work.

Respect the Wisdom of the Crowd

Deep experience and fresh insight are equally valuable – solutions won’t evolve by squatting on expertise.

Foster Serendipity

Design physical and virtual spaces for unexpected moments of connection that spur interaction, ideation, collaboration, and lifelong relationships.

Always Room in the Big Tent

Only with all perspectives represented will we create lasting change.

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