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Advancing Corporate Racial Equity Through Data and Transparency

We've now marked a year since the murder of George Floyd, a devastating event that has since sparked a national reckoning with systemic racism in America and an outpouring of support for communities of color as companies large and small made commitments to Black Lives Matter. 95% of Black Americans agree it is important for companies to promote racial equity in the workplace, but 80% said companies have more work to do – showing that talk of commitment is not enough. Corporate leaders need to be transparent at every step of their DEI journey, and our Corporate Racial Equity Tracker and CEO Blueprint for Racial Equity – which we created in partnership with PolicyLink and FSG – provide a clear picture of DEI disclosure across corporate America today and direction for companies looking to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Listen in to learn why data and transparency are critical to advancing racial equity in corporate America, and what companies can do to drive real change for their workers and communities of color today.


Yusuf George

Managing Director

Engine No. 1

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