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 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM PDT

YBCA - Theater

Disability as an Asset: Closing the Disability Wealth Gap

Almost everyone will experience a disability in their lifetime. And yet, nearly two-thirds of the world’s working age people with disabilities are not employed. With significant capital earmarked for DEI and building an inclusive economy now is the time to ensure this profoundly undeserved billion+ person market is seen, represented and served.

Join this panel of entrepreneurs from the disability market. We will discuss what it means to be an early-stage company in the disability market right now. Learn about solutions to unique problems addressed by their products. Hear why these solutions are designed to be additive to the overall tech market and why the disability market has tremendous potential to drive both profits and purpose, returning value to investors and society.


Regina ("Gina") Kline

Founder and Managing Partner

Enable Ventures

Maayan Ziv

Founder & CEO


Charlotte Dales



Thibault Duchemin



Byran Dai

Co-Founder & CEO


Richard Hanbury


Sana Health Inc.

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