10:30 AM - 11:45 PM PDT

Exploring A New Normal: Making Investment Decisions Under Extreme Uncertainty

Even in the best of times, early-stage equity investors make decisions with little information and in uncertain conditions. In this interactive workshop, participants will complete two deal evaluation exercises, first independently evaluating two deals for investment and then discussing in a group with other investors. The session will end with our panelists sharing how they are navigating deal evaluation as COVID-19 introduces a new reality, and academic research on how uncertainty can impact the quality of decisions people make, and practices that may help.

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Alana Davicino

Senior Associate, Strategic Innovations

Village Capital

Amisha Miller

PhD Candidate

Boston University

Lewam Kefela

Senior Investment Lead

Village Capital

Shruti Chandrasekhar

Senior Investment Officer

IFC / World Bank Group

Tahira Dosani

Managing Director

Accion Venture Lab

Rachel Crawford

Senior Manager, Strategic Innovations

Village Capital

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