2:30 PM - 3:15 PM PDT

YBCA - Forum

Financing Strategies for Sustainable, Equitable, and Secure Food Systems
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Many food-focused initiatives have incorporated unique investment strategies to deliver sustainable, equitable, and secure food systems. They provide inspiring examples of business models and investing approaches that are needed to build a new economy. Participants in this session will jointly analyze investment examples, discuss essential characteristics of business models for systems change, and share ideas for growing sustainable financing for systemic impact.


Natalie Reitman-White

Ownership & Governance Design Advisor

Alternative Ownership Advisors

Rex Raimond


Transformational Investing in Food Systems

Anthony Chang


Manzanita Capital Collective

Jennifer Astone


Integrated Capital Investing

Lolita Nunn

Director of Program and Investor Relations

Potlikker Capital

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