4:15 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

YBCA - Screening Room

Innovative Business Models for Transforming Food Waste into Value

Post-harvest losses across sub-Saharan Africa can be as high as 50% due to logistical and infrastructure challenges threatening food security and livelihoods plus have a negative environmental impact. Lost and wasted food is the third largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. Reducing food loss and waste is critical to reduce poverty, improve nutrition, manage food security, and mitigate climate change.

Through this fireside chat, FINCA Ventures brings together two portfolio companies that are turning food waste into a final product using innovative technologies and two investors that are actively investing in companies at the intersection of climate and agriculture to mitigate the environmental and social implications of post-harvest losses.


Christopher Wayne

Associate Director, Investing in Agriculture


Melissa Tickle

Investment Manager

FINCA Ventures

Tei Mukunya

Co-Founder & Executive Director - Nutrition Solutions Africa

NatureLock Foods

Andrew Wallace



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