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Investing in an Impactful Resource: Indigenous Women
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An overlooked strategy in global impact economics is one that has over five hundred years of demonstrated resilience--Indigenous Peoples. In particular, Indigenous women, who are the walking embodiment of a social impact strategy as they have successfully navigated through hundreds of years of oppression and environmental crises with great strength and intelligence.

The global impact community can curtail their efforts simply by recognizing and investing in the ongoing work of Indigenous women. David Suzuki says it, Noam Chomsky says it, the Project Drawdown Team says it, and most importantly, our ancestors said it–Indigenous Peoples have answers. The most effective social impact strategies are ones that Indigenize the world and empower Indigenous women. However, Indigenous women in the US and Canada face the highest rates of murder, disappearances, suicide and sexual and domestic violence. As US and state governments are doing little to end this crisis, it is up to non-profits and Tribal Nations to do what they can to end the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women crisis. The private sector can make a massive difference in this fight by investing in and uplifting the work of experts that practice true environmental justice and regenerative economics.


Trisha Etringer (Ho-Chunk)

Director of Operations/#MMIR Director

Great Plains Action Society

Shelley Buffalo (Meskwaki)

Decolonial Pathfinder

Great Plains Action Society

Sikowis Nobiss

Executive Director

Great Plains Action Society

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