11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT

Leading the Way Toward a Sustainable New Normal: How leaders can turn this crisis into an opportunity

The world has spoken about a new normal for months. But how do we actually get there? This session is for those who want to lead the way from talk to action. We will explore the SOCAP 2020 theme Next Gen Leadership from diverse and powerful perspectives:

- Tharald Nustad, serial tech entrepreneur now committed to 100% impact through Katapult Group in his businesses, investments and foundation, shares lessons learned from his personal journey to become an impact leader

- Britta Gruenig Castelli, a personal development and leadership coach to wealth owners participating in a leading university program for next gen change agents, IRI/CSP Impact Investing for the Next Generation, shares food for thought why your inner game determines your outer game as a leader

- Johannes Weber, an impact investing specialist at the BMW Foundation with particular insights into the role foundations and policy play, shares how sustainability can be put at the core of decision-making in an organisational/systemic context

The session is hosted by C4i – The Coalition for Impact, a global network of impact networks working together in order to maximize and amplify impact. Coalition members are: BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, Katapult, NEXUS, Toniic, and the Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth (CSP).

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Johannes Weber

Program Manager

BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Tharald Nustad


Katapult World

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