1:15 PM - 2:00 PM PDT

YBCA - Theater Terrace

Leading to Whatever is Next: The Case for Culture

We are all experiencing multiple enormous transitions: the future of work, the saving of the planet, an unprecedented transfer of wealth from Boomers, coming out of a pandemic, multiple reckonings, polarization and the integrity of Democracy.
Culture always leads the way. If we listen close enough we can find answers to some of our most intractable challenges in the emerging cultural movements of our time and we don’t mean social media. From the future of work and climate change, to the unprecedented transfer of generational wealth, the COVID-19 pandemic, racial justice reckoning, and Democratic integrity – artists and creatives catalyze popular understanding and help us imagine new possibilities.

The Arts & Culture sector itself is experiencing its own shifts – away from institutions that solely broker curatorial tastes and towards the direction of community responsiveness, care and resource stewardship.

This conversation will explore arts, culture and creativity and the role of cultural institutions specifically, as integral platforms for expanding the ways in which we can accelerate transformative change.

This is a live podcast


Sara Bahat

Interim CEO


Clyde Valentin

Co-Artistic Director

One Nation/One Project

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