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 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Investing in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Entrepreneurship is rooted in America’s spirit. Entrepreneurs have spurred innovation and steered the country’s economic and industry revolutions that have driven standards of living upwards. Yet, as much as entrepreneurship is key to the creation of new businesses and jobs and fueling of technological change, it seems to only be flourishing in selected geographies in the country. How can communities rejuvenate their economies when most venture capital funds are concentrated at the coasts? How can philanthropy play a role in fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems that that will help diversify the local economies, create good jobs and prevent talent drain?

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Keenan Beasley

Founder & President

Venture Noire

Canem Arkan

Managing Director

Managing Director, Endeavor NWA & Tulsa

Martha Londagin

Executive Business Consultant/ NWA Kiva Hub Capital Access Manager

Startup Junkie Foundation

Yee-Lin Lai

Senior Program Officer

Walton Family Foundation

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