8:30 AM - 8:50 AM PDT

MAIN STAGE- Fireside Chat: Indigenous Pathways to a Regenerative Future

Indigenous Peoples already do “green jobs” and currently protect 80% of the world’s biodiversity. Sikowis, Nick Estes, and Alexis Bunten discuss colonial-capitalism and how Indigenous-led strategies offer a pathway towards an equitable and regenerative future. However, we need to uplift movements and stories inspired by Indigenous resistance by changing the mechanisms that fund this work. To do this, we must change the culture of philanthropy and impact investing, which still largely circulates in privileged circles.

SOCAP Main Stage programming runs from 8:00AM-10:30 AM


Alexis Bunten, (Unangan/Yup’ik)

Founder and CEO/Senior Advisor/Program Director

WAQAA LLC / JumpScale LLC / Bioneers

Nick Estes

Author & Journalist

Sikowis Nobiss

Executive Director

Great Plains Action Society

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