8:20 AM - 8:50 AM PDT

MAIN STAGE -The Developing Nation as a Social Entrepreneurial State

The Social Enterprise mandate is to produce services and goods in an efficient and accessible format that is financially sustainable while creating positive change in the World.  Can the State be viewed as a form of social enterprise? Using lenses of philosophy, finance, political economy and practical organization strategy speakers reflect on the implications of the Nation State as both change agent and target of change.

SOCAP Main Stage programming runs from 8:00 AM-10:30 AM PST


Durreen Shahnaz

Founder and CEO

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX)

Jed Emerson


Blended Value Group

Kojo Parris

Centre for African Social Entrepreneurship (CASE)

Tuna Willem

Innv8e (PTY) LTD

Luciano Balbo


Oltre Venture

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