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 8:00 AM / 9:00 AM PST

Maximizing and Evaluating Impact - For Real

Doing good while doing well has become the mantra of sustainable investing. While it is easy to measure whether an investment did well, assessing the good created remains a challenge. This challenge is at the heart of the research of CSP – The Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth at the University of Zurich. Putting this research into practice, CSP provides practical insights that help to assess the different mechanisms of investor impact. To put in other words, concrete tools to help map how to do good while doing well.

This session is for those who want to know how they can have impact through their investments. We will discuss the mechanisms for investor impact based on timely research outcomes from the research team of CSP. The session will start with an overview of key topics, themes and approaches, followed by an interactive impact game that gives participants the chance to test the mechanism themselves. The engaging activity translates the learnings and insights into practice and enables you to identify between investor and company impact and feel-good and do-good investments.

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Florian Heeb


University of Zurich, Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth

James Gifford

Center for Sustainable Finance & Private Wealth

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