SOCAP24: Going Deeper, Catalyzing Systems Change — Tracks and Curation Councils Released!

 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PDT

YBCA - Screening Room

Miller Center's Water and Climate-Smart Agriculture Pitch Session

Meet the Water and Climate-Smart Agriculture Cohort for Miller Center’s Fall 2022 In-Residence Cohort. This is a sponsored cohort that will be joining us this year in partnership with our SOCAP Entrepreneur Program.

Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship is the foremost university-based social enterprise accelerator in the world. With an emphasis on climate resilience and women’s economic empowerment, we accelerate social entrepreneurship to eliminate global poverty.

Participating Entrepreneurs:

Salma Abdulai, AMAATI

Andrew Tanswell, Bushproof / SaniTap

Emmy Okkema, Cycle Connect

Daniel Wright, Gravity Water

Yvonne Otieno, Miyonga Fresh Greens

Lance Hadley, Sauti East Africa

Michelle Kurian, The Harvest Fund

Getaw Cherinet Mekonnel, Tulip Addis Water Filter

Chris Zaw, Warc Africa


Bridgit Helms & Karen Runde, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship

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