4:15 PM - 5:00 PM PDT

YBCA - Theater Terrace

Pushing Back at Big-Ag in the Great Plains by Revitalizing Indigenous First Foods from Farm to Table

The Midwest (aka, Great Plains) is home to the most biologically colonized land in the US.The flat land and fertile soils were ideal for farming and so settler-invaders stole the land to implement their colonial-capitalist farming practices. However, these modifications to the land and current farming practices have led to severe land degradation and contributed massively to the climate crisis. A vital part of recovering from this Big-Ag disaster is to honor tribal sovereignty, reMatriate land, and reclaim first foods. With Indigenous land stewards leading the way, we can take steps in dismantling colonial-capitalism and provide the US with healthy food and medicines. Indigenous experts will discuss the work they are doing in this field, from seed saving, starting urban gardens, operating tribal farms all the way to running restaurants, catering businesses and community food programs.


Anthony Warrior


WarriorsPalate Catering and Consulting

Laura One Feather

First Food Steward

Great Plains Action Society

Sikowis Nobiss

Executive Director

Great Plains Action Society

Shelley Buffalo (Meskwaki)

Decolonial Pathfinder

Great Plains Action Society

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