1:15 PM - 2:15 PM PDT

YBCA - Forum

Radical Collaboration and Building Better Systems inside Impact Investing
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What unique strategies are impact investors using to catalyze systemic change and repair injustices?

Impact investors work in a larger ecosystem of philanthropy, corporate and non-profit organizations, as well as other investors. In order to reimagine systems, entities need to work together to push on ‘the way things have always been done’ to re-allocate power and capital.

This session will bring together people pushing on the boundaries of standard practices and discuss unique collaborations by impact investors. We invite you to join this workshop and dialogue to share practices we’re all using to innovate impact investing.

This interactive session will invite attendees to discuss and share on the following topics. Workshop leaders will also share personal case studies of how they’ve engaged in powerful collaborations to enact system change.

1. What collaborations are you using alongside your investments to make them more valuable and impactful – for people, relationships, systems change and creative allocations of capital?
-What private/public partnerships are you putting in place?
-How are you working to get philanthropy and investment capital to work together?
-What partnerships are you implementing with governmental entities?
-Are the strategies you’ve tried sustainable or not, and why?
2. What criteria do you use to evaluate the impact of your investment in social enterprises and how do you improve accountability? In short, do the unique ideas you’re employing result in better outcomes and including historically excluded groups?
3. What are some best practices you undertake when approaching investment to broaden the long-term action plan to embed new models of social impact in your investments?

From this session, you will take away unique perspectives and powerful ideas of ways to develop and leverage collaborations as or with an impact investor to build better systems.


Nasir Qadree

Founder & Managing Partner

Zeal Capital Partners

Reem Goussous

Chief Growth Officer

Village Capital

Brian Dixon

Managing Partner

Kapor Capital

Jason Palmer

General Partner

New Markets Venture Partners

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