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Real Talk: What Does It Take To Do Impact-First Investing
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On the continuum from traditional investing to philanthropy, many tools for ESG/SRI investing exist, but impact-first investing infrastructure is just now emerging. If you are intrigued by impact-first investment, but are still unsure HOW to get started – this is the workshop for you. Learn together with three organizations at the cutting edge of structuring and facilitating impact-first investments: Mission Driven Finance, Community Credit Lab, and Possibility Labs. In this workshop, we will share impact-first investing strategies like community decision-making, non-extractive financing, and integrated capital investing – that can create a more equitable, sustainable and just economy. You will walk away with the practical knowledge and tools to begin deploying and/or raising this type of capital..



Co-founder & Chief Community Officer

Mission Driven Finance

Sandhya Nakhasi

Executive Director

Community Credit Lab

Lem White


Possibility Labs

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