4:00 PM - 4:25 PM PDT

YBCA- Theater

The Impact Investing Tipping Point – A Conversation with Jim Sorenson

Today the impact investing industry is closer than ever before to realizing its vision of reimaging the allocation of capital for profit and purpose, investing in ways that materially improve outcomes for people and the planet. Yet this very success comes at a time of mounting social and environmental pressures, which have made the road ahead uncertain. How should we respond to criticisms of ESG investing and what do these assaults mean for the impact investing sector? How can we align more capital flows with our desire to create a more equitable society? And how can we take our own privilege in the impact investing community and pay it forward to realize this objective? What are some of the most exciting innovations at the nexus of technology and entrepreneurship that can drive the societal outcomes we want to see at scale? Join Jim Sorenson, entrepreneur, impact investing luminary and founder of the Sorenson Impact Group, in a conversation exploring the future of impact investing..


Jim Sorenson

President, Sorenson Impact Foundation

Founder, Sorenson Impact Group

JaNay Queen Nazaire

Senior Fellow


Kimberlee Cornett

Director, Impact Investments

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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