4:00 PM - 5:15 PM PDT

City View - Embarcadero

Reimagining Reparations: Building a Culture of Repair
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The issue of reparations has gained considerable momentum. However, many define reparations narrowly – as cash payments, relegated to the public sector, and only benefitting Black people.

Liberation Ventures thinks differently. Reparations for slavery and its legacy are not just about money, or policy; reparations are comprehensive repair, and require shifting narratives and ultimately culture. Building a culture of repair across sectors benefits not just Black people, but catalyzes a true multiracial democracy – for all of us.

Join this session to workshop Liberation Ventures’ living framework for racial repair, and learn about how you can apply it to your organization and impact in the world.


Aria Florant

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Liberation Ventures

Michael McAfee

CEO & President


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