10:15 AM - 11:15 AM PDT

YBCA - Lounge

EY Sustainability Skills Lab: Integrating ESG across your Organisation

53% of Nonprofit Organizations, surveyed globally by CAF in 2021, identified a need for support on long-term strategic planning, including on integrating ESG considerations in their own businesses.

EY Sustainability Skills Labs is a work-in-progress seminar leveraging EY’s existing knowledge to deliver an interactive learning experience to build participant's understanding of sustainability concepts, challenges and opportunities; Equipping them with an action plan to begin their own sustainability journey.

EY Sustainability Skills Labs is being constructed to support impact organizations as they drive sustainability in action across their own businesses and impact areas; EY is piloting this workshop at SOCAP in order to garner live feedback, test the experience with their target audience and identify areas of improvement to ensure these sessions are of maximum value moving forward and drive systemic sustainable change.

This session is open to all entrepreneurs. If you are an ag/food entrepreneur, consider attending our Tuesday session.

Only 10-15 spots available!  Contact Christopher Roll to register interest.  Make sure to tell him which session you would prefer to attend.


Laura Turkington

EY Global Corporate Responsibility - Commercial & Innovation Leader


Christopher Roll

Global Accelerating Environmental Sustainability - Assistant Director


Carolyn Clemens

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