3:45 PM - 4:45 PM PDT

State of the State of Impact Investing Happy Hour

In the midst of a very tough year, we're taking stock.  Join Jed Emerson for a no holds barred big picture discussion on the state of impact investing. While the industry has achieved incredible growth and captured widespread interest, it is still generating only a fraction of the impact required to address the global challenges facing our communities and our planet. Our successes are dwarfed by persistent, troubling issues such as climate change, inequality, social division and COVID-19.

Step back with us to reflect on such questions as:

- Are we moving forward or back?

- How relevant are our efforts in a time of turmoil?

- Is it time for a reset, a reject of a reset or a doubling down for impact?

- Can there be a new endgame? If so, who are the players, what are the ground rules and how do we keep score?

We plan to have a challenging, sometimes raucous, sometimes raw conversation led by Jed Emerson in dialogue with some of the field’s most passionate leaders.  This will be a live, open conversation with SOCAP attendees, compatriots and challengers.

This session was not recorded.  Contact ImpactAssets for more information


Jed Emerson


Blended Value Group

Dr. Gillian Marcelle

Managing Member

Resilience Capital Ventures LLC

Laura Ortiz Montemayor

Founder and Chief Purpose Officer

SVX México

Margret Trilli

CEO & Chief Investment Officer


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