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Transforming Corporate Finance Accounting, Decision Making & Reporting

November 9-11, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Sustainable Brands (SB) and SOCAP Global (SOCAP) are excited to bring to market Integrate 2020, the evolution of SB’s New Metrics conference, now in its 8th year. This conference will address the shift to a balanced stakeholder approach from the shareholder practice of the last fifty years, and the players driving it. Key to this conversation are the CFO and overall professional services sector. Integrate 2020 is centered on the Chief Financial and Sustainability Officers and on transforming the role of finance and investment decisions within organizations, through the integrated lens of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment and innovation.

Integrate 2020 will deliver rich, actionable content for financial and sustainability executives.

To explore more, go to theintegrateconference.com

Focused on ESG innovation and integration, sessions at Integrate 2020 will include Value Creation and Enterprise Risk Management, Next Generation Science-Based Goal Setting, Quantifying Intangible Value and Risk Drivers, Multi-Capital Development, Assessing Targets and Metrics, Integrated Reporting, Integrated Business Systems, Decisioning Systems, Impact Investing, and Investor Relations.

Day 3 will feature a Demo Day of technology solutions empowering the shift to Stakeholder Capitalism.









Integrated Assessment of Risks, Impacts & Opportunities (The Holistic Conceptual View)

  • Quantifying and monetizing all vital capitals and externalities
  • Foundations of multi-capitalism / stakeholder capitalism, the Next Economy
  • Intersection of multi-capitalism / stakeholder capitalism, SDGs and circular economy
  • Principles of regenerative economics, finance and business
  • Next-generation science-based and context-based targets
  • Developing leadership skills and capacities for success in the Next Economy
  • Educating the next generation of MBAs and business leaders to be integrated leaders
  • New risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities brought to light by the COVID-19 crisis

Integrated Accounting, Finance & Decision-Making (The Practical Internal View)

  • Seeking reconciliation of financial and non-financial data in planning and reporting
  • Implications of the transition for the accounting, assurance, finance and consulting services communities
  • The evolution of enterprise risk management as a multi-capital discipline and practice
  • Navigating the relationship between integrated leadership, employee activism and employee engagement (including sustainable 401(k) plans)
  • Engaging the Board of Directors and shareholders on the journey toward integrated leadership
  • Conceiving and executing integrated cross-sector and cross-industry partnerships
  • The Value Balancing Alliance — an example of a comprehensive yet practical framework for both analysis and action
  • The important roles of sustainable procurement and purchasing in the transformation

Integrated Reporting, Assurance and Investor Relations (The Practical External View)

  • Guidance on how to pick among SASB, GRI and other current leading reporting frameworks, and/or how to combine them or prioritize them
  • What evolving assurance services for integrated reporting looks like in practice
  • Leading technological solutions for the transition to integrated planning and reporting
  • Meeting the growing investor demand for data and analysis of the S and G dimensions of ESG
  • The ‘5th quarterly analyst call’ phenomenon and what it spells for the future of investor relations
  • Reporting and stakeholder engagement practices around disaster and crisis preparedness and scenario planning
  • The role of rating agencies and existing ranking models and understanding how to use them selectively
  • Implications of the new business landscape for all companies: public, private and SMEs

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