Announcing the SOCAP24 Agenda — Going Deeper: Catalyzing Systems Change!

When Women Lead

The numbers don’t lie. Women earn more degrees than men do, make up nearly half of the labor force, and are crucial to the future of work. 

And yet, the wage gap persists, women-identifying individuals are less represented in leadership the higher up they go, and the overwhelming majority of board seats are still held by men despite research tying diversity on boards to better financial performance, higher return on invested capital, and better stock growth.

At When Women Lead, we invite all women-identifying leaders to join us in asking the questions:

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You probably know the dismal stats about women in business. Only 32 of the Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. Women still make 79 percent of the wages for the same work as men. Only 20 percent of all business investment goes into women-led businesses — and that’s even worse for women of color. The list goes on.

And yet, times are changing. Not equally, not everywhere, but they are. We’ve seen firsthand how an inspired band of powerful women-identifying individuals are leading the way within the conscious business movement, working hard and smart to not only shatter glass ceilings but to build a better, more just and beautiful world for everyone through the power of business.

It’s time to gather these change agents in one place. We are CEOs, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. We are investors and changemakers, movers and shakers, dreamers and doers. It’s time to join voices and forces, share stories and resources, eat and drink, laugh and cry together — and support each other as we change the world.

We’re already strong. Together, we can be unstoppable.

  1. Connection: Connect deeply with like-minded peers in a safe space
  2. Support: Discover the support that you need to take on the challenges that you’re facing and have the opportunity to support others who are equally challenged
  3. Rejuvenation: Find the space to rejuvenate in a restorative environment with on-site yoga, fitness and wellness centers
  4. Inspiration: Hear new, inspirational ideas to help you breakthrough old patterns of thinking and behavior
  5. Education: Learn about new resources, best practices, and key insights from the best and brightest in the field
  6. Elevation: Elevate your capacity to lead and take your business or role to the next level
  7. Food: No seriously, the food at 1440 is extraordinary.


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