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Impact Investing: A Framework for Policy Design and Analysis

Megan McFadden January 19, 2011

A common credence held by societies is that a government’s responsibility is to serve its people. Today – as population surges, communities continue to diversify, and markets evolve – it’s well known that government is just one piece of the puzzle, but an essential piece that can mold into various forms.
The report ‘Impact Investing: A Framework for Policy Design and Analysis’ comes at an important moment in the emergence of a market aiming to serve society’s entire spectrum of people. While many reports discuss Impact Investing as a financial vehicle, this report aims the lens on government’s role in market development. Understanding a critical opportunity to apply learnings and design, the authors have outlined 16 policy case studies from around the globe, 6 elements to consider in policy design and assessment and multiple examples of application. >>>Read the report

Impact Investing
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