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Coaching for Changemakers: Amplifying Individual and Organizational Impact

SOCAP Global September 27, 2023

A Webinar with Sara Ellis Conant and Lawrence Ellis of a)plan coaching

Changemakers tackling social and environmental challenges can enhance their work and performance with individual or organizational coaching. During a recent webinar in partnership with SOCAP Global, a)plan coaching provided an overview of their methods and strategies to help people in the impact community accelerate progress. 

Sara Ellis Conant, Co-Founder and CEO of a)plan, said coaching has gained momentum as a tool for effective leadership and impact growth. “Coaching helps changemakers identify and achieve goals in all areas of their life and leadership, including strategic planning, communication, time management, and relationships,” she said. 

She started coaching in 2000 after being trained by her father, Dave Ellis, a founder of the coaching industry. Now, Sara assists individuals and teams to make lasting improvements in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, productivity, communication, and time management.

Lead Sustainability Advisor Lawrence Ellis (who shares the same last name as Sara and Dave but is not related) said his work with world-changing leaders, teams, and organizations has demonstrated the influence that coaching can have. “We definitely need changemakers who can rise to the times with impact,” he said. “Are you being the change you want to see in the world? How might you uplevel your game?”  

By using scalable, tech-enabled virtual coaching tools, including an app, a)plan partners with individuals and organizations to improve productivity, increase employee retention rates, and build diversity. For example, Lawrence cited his racial equity work with staff members at the City and County of San Francisco. “We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive community,” he said. “Knowing we were making a difference with these changemakers really made a difference for me.” 

The tech tools also provide flexibility and accessibility for organizations of all sizes and sectors, from startups to educational institutions to financial companies. “We assist people to be as effective as possible in their people management, which of course, helps their socially responsible mission,” Sara said. “Envisioning what you want, identifying possible ways to get there, putting things into action — that approach works across industries.”

a)plan is particularly known for its formidable analytics — including that 99% of their customers would refer them to a colleague, friend, or family member — and that organizations can expect a 4x return on ROI.

Watch the full conversation: 

Learn more about a)plan’s special offer for the SOCAP community of a month of free coaching at a-plancoaching.com/socap-2023.

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