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SOCAP Spotlight: Sanga Moses, Unreasonable Institute Entrepreneur

SOCAP July 11, 2011

Sanga Moses is the founder and CEO of Eco-fuel Africa Limited. Sanga grew up in one of the poorest villages in the world. His desire to form Eco-Fuel Africa Limited stems from his childhood where he saw his sister miss school several times a week to travel long distances to collect firewood for the family. He started the company as a way to provide families with clean and affordable cooking fuel and to make sure young women can attend school. By 2020 he hopes to provide 40 million Africans with affordable clean energy and to have planted at least a quarter of a billion trees. Eco-fuel Africa Limited works with rural farmers, women and youth groups to create and bring clean energy closer to energy poor households in Sub-Saharan Africa. It trains and turns rural farmers into producers of biochar and women into distributors of clean charcoal in their local communities. Eco-fuel Africa Limited also works with local communities to plant trees and sensitize people about the dangers of deforestation, which is creating many green and sustainable jobs for people at the base of the pyramid and saving forests in Africa.

For Sanga, being a part of the Unreasonable Institute has opened up many doors for his business to grow, expand and thrive. His relationships with mentors like Kevin Jones, Bob Pattillo and Rafe Furst and the twenty-six other social entrepreneurs has changed the way he views business. He will bring all that he has learned from this enlightening experience back to Africa. Overall, his time at the Unreasonable Institute has illustrated to Sanga how having a dream, combined with passion and an unreasonable persistence can change  the world.

In accordance with SOCAP11’s tag line, Sanga equates Money + Meaning as A Revolution. He would love to see more people willing to risk their money in social causes that have tremendous potential to change the world, which to him, is the ultimate social justice.


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