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Book Spotlight: MATERIAL CHANGE (Metropolis Books)

SOCAP August 15, 2011

“The people that attend SOCAP are the best, most innovative people working in the social entrepreneurship space. This is a collective of people that are the do-ers of the world and understand the power of change by living it everyday, ” states Eve Blossom.

Eve Blossom is the Founder & CEO of Lulan Artisans ( She is a finalist for the Index Awards 2011, an Aspen Institute Liberty Fellow, TED speaker and trained as an architect. She currently lectures around the world on integrated design and innovative business methodologies.
Material Change is the story of architect and entrepreneur Eve Blossom, who built her design business, Lulan Artisans (, on a framework of ecological, economic and social sustainability. In Material Change, Blossom describes her travels and experiences in bustling cities and remote villages in Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere in Southeast Asia, in the years the region was re-opening its doors to free trade and tourism. The book is complimented with beautiful photography. Foreword is written by Yves Béhar. Also featured are stories by other disruptive entrepreneurs who are part of a growing movement to merge design, social compassion and business: Muna AbuSulayman, Patrick Awuah, Shashin Chokshi, Tali Gottlieb, Joi Ito, Dr. Jordan Kassalow, Shaffi Mather, Tobias Rose-Stockwell, Juliana Rotich and Ricardo Terán. The result is a new, holistic model for the twenty-first century.
Learn more about Material Change here.
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