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Social Capital Spotlight: Raja Moubarak, 2b Design

SOCAP October 10, 2011

Raja Moubarak, a loyal SOCAP supporter, is on a mission to ‘restore the unseen beauty of the broken’.

After moving to Lebanon with their children, Raja and his wife were inspired to transform the architectural salvage in Lebanon  – wrought iron railings or wood frames – into authentic works of art. With this idea, 2b Design was born. 
As a socially-minded entrepreneur, Raja aims to addresses many issues with 2b Design. They provide marginalized individuals with opportunity by hiring them and paying above market wage; they support sustainability by diverting waste from the landfills; they’ve integrated initiatives that address cultural issues such as the existing tension among Lebanese communities or inaccurate perceptions of Middle Easterners in the West.
We’re not the only ones who love Raja and 2b Design! 2b Design won the Best of the Best Award for Social Responsibility, Ecological Sensitivity and Universal Design Awareness, and sells work to online customers worldwide and in upscale shops across the U.S., Europe and Japan.
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