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Igniting a Community of Impact Investors

SOCAP Guest Writer August 31, 2011

* This is a guest blog by Lindsey Franklin Co-founder of ecoVC.
How can we ignite a movement strong enough to provide social entrepreneurs access to the funds they need to grow, while simultaneously empowering and welcoming more investors to join in? Who are the key players that need to take part? What are the roadblocks that lie ahead? What changes in technology, behavior and mindsets need to happen to face them?
In this provocative panel, we will delve into the future of the impact investment movement and look to ignite our growing community.
Megan Fielding and Giles Cassels of Microplace will explore how the right tools can empower all people to become impact investors. Scott Andersen of First Unitarian Society Micro Finance Fund will discuss the opportunity for faith-based communities to be leading forces in the space, while Patrick Donohue of HoopFund will offer insight into how impact investing can build deeper connections between consumers and producers. Jo-Ann Tan of Acumen Fund will teach us how to empower impact investors across the country, while Natalia Oberti Noguera of Pipeline Fellowship will challenge us to embody diversity as we work to grow the impact investment community.
For anyone interested in impact investment, this panel is a must. We invite you all to join us!

Impact Investing
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