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SOCAP11 Social Entrepreneur Spotlight: Lee Kihye, Organization Yori (South Korea)

SOCAP August 31, 2011

Social enterprise Organization Yori is working with migrant mothers who got married Korean from South-East countries which are most developing countries. We are preparing for new business this year. ‘Multicultural Mother’s Heart Box(New business)’ is packaged food for postpartum care. Most South-East Asian countries have their own food services after childbirth. We can support mother’s health based on their culture. Next, we’ll develop this business to the developing countries in Asia. The working multicultural mother in Organization Yori export nutritional childbirth food for mother in their counties. This will increase job creation for multi-cultural mother in Korea. Most of all, we can support mother’s health in developing countries.
Therefore, we look for some partners in mother’s health issue. It’s difficult to find a Korean research institute or data which research for women’s specific life, for example, mother’s nutritional report or health condition in the region of Asian developing countries. Our projects need an international research as well as networking group for an on-the-spot investigation. Our short-term goal is to fundraise minimum 50,000$ for making prototype. Moreover, long-term goal is finding networking groups or supporting foundations to research in Asian developing countries including mother’s health issues. Finally, I look forward to finding some partners to develop social business in Asia.

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