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SOCAP11 Panelist Spotlight: Neil Gorenflo, Shareable Magazine

SOCAP August 18, 2011

What is your role in the Social Capital Market?
To increase awareness of sharing and the sharing economy as a highly strategic social intervention as well as an attractive business and investment opportunity.
What dream business idea do you have that could change the way we collaboratively work/consume/act in our daily lives?
I think there are amazing sharing economy opportunities in healthcare and parenting.  That may be the next wave of sharing startup activity.
What does Money + Meaning = to you? What should the social capital market stand for?
The equation for me is Value + Meaning.  Value comes in many forms including money.  Society would do well to recognize the many forms of value that we create for one another.  The social capital markets should stand for the ways in which enterprises of all types and all scales can support healthy relationships with ourselves, each other, nature, and society.  And finally, we should recognize as a community that money is a result.  It’s counterproductive for money to be a goal. To truly thrive, to create real and not false returns, social capital markets and social enterprises should be primarily purpose driven.

Impact Investing
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