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'Life at the BoP' study by Movirtu

SOCAP Global September 26, 2011

Life at the BoP study is a joint work of the team at Movirtu and their strategic research partners, TNS. They listened in detail to nearly a hundred end users in Senegal, Tanzania and India during the course of this work. They selected ‘leading edge’ users: those likely to be engaged with and influential in technology. They spoke with women entrepreneurs, smallholder farmers, and youth.
There are many stories and characters here: a Senegalese student who lives far from her family, prays every day and is as rapturously devout in her study as she is in her life. There are a group of teens in Coimbatore, a city akin to the UK’s Manchester, where boys can quote you an ad for the latest megapixel phone. Women entrepreneurs in Senegal shake their heads and commiserate about the increased cost of living.
>>> Learn more and watch their video ‘Introduction to Life at the BoP study’

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