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Mapping the Mexican Impact Investing Ecosystem

SOCAP Global January 5, 2013

–>Who:  Scott Wofford, project leader of…
–> What: …the Global Impact Investing Mapping Platform (GIIMAP), which aims to plot the landscape of Mexican social entrepreneurs and impact investing stakeholders and, more importantly, the connections between them.
–> How: Listen to this interview, and learn more about GIIMAP.

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On her journey to spotlight the people and organizations that are making the world move in new and exciting ways, Sonia Chokshi talks to Scott Wofford, who is coordinating a project to build an Impact Investing Ecosystem Map of the various stakeholders in the Mexican social entrepreneurship and impact investing space. Wofford attended SOCAP’12, where he collaborated with others developing impact investing maps and fostering information flows between stakeholders.
For both entrepreneurs looking to scale and investors looking to fund ventures, the most important question remains – “Who should I be talking to?” That’s exactly the question that Wofford and the project’s team are trying to answer. Their project, based in Mexico, maps the relationships between various stakeholders in the social entrepreneurship space: entrepreneurs, impact investors, capacity builders, foundations, universities, governments and multilaterals
The platform, called GIIMAP (Global Impact Investing Mapping Platform) developed by the project team, Root Change and LOME Social Networks, allows users to log onto the site, create a profile, and list the individuals and organizations they are connected to. Then, they can explore the larger network, filtering by type of relationship and type of organization to find who they should be contacting to move their work forward. GIIMAP has also been launched in Central America and will likely be launched in other countries in the future.
For many different individuals, this type of information is extremely useful, and not simply in Mexico. Ecosystem mapping has become a developing trend, aiming to bring together the right combinations of skills and resources to drive collaboration and scale.
In Mexico, the project has been led by founding partners: Promotora Social Mexico, Spectron Desarrollo, Anahúac del Sur, ANDE and 17 Mexican and International organizations.  Learn more about the Impact Investing Ecosystem Map by or emailing Scott Wofford at
This article is a part of a series produced at SOCAP12 by New Empire Builders. New Empire Builders is a SOCAP12 media partner.

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