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SOCAP13 Session Recap: Collaborative Leadership for Change

SOCAP Global September 6, 2013

In Thursday’s session on a more collaborative style of engagement, the panelists examined the following questions: What truly makes a collaborative leader? How do we shift from a posture of leadership oriented around competitive domination to one that catalyzes shared ownership? The speakers included Ashara Ekundayo, Impact Hub Oakland; Carol Sanford, Author & Consultant; and Ramon Marmolejos, Emzingo Group (moderator).
The Takeaways

  1. Collaboration does not happen without feeling. People need to feel connected to the difference they are making or the good they do in the world. Transition from creating abstract goals such as “Making lives better” – What does that REALLY mean and how can we measure it?
  2. Be a risk-taker and be willing to be vulnerable and create the environment for vulnerability to take place.
  3. Get out of your own way! Build systems that allow other people to take part in decision making.

By SOCAP13 Volunteer Nkatya Kabwe

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