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SOCAP13 Session Recap: What’s Next?

SOCAP Global September 6, 2013

Penelope Douglas of the Mission Hub lead an introspective session exploring where the social capital markets field is heading in the future and what paths the movement should take to reach the tipping point. Panelists considered a wide range of innovative trends. Democratization of the movement, replication, leadership, and infrastructure are needed to get the systematic change desired for arriving at the tipping point.
Food for thought from this session:

  1. The right talent for leadership and replication of strong models are needed to reach scale and build infrastructure.
  2. The social capital markets should consider how to bring about the democratization of movement. Social capital isn’t simply about helping poor people or the environment. It’s also spiritual. It’s about enabling people to participate in the movement and expressing themselves through their money. Crowdfunding faces regulation challenges but may be a key to unlocking this type of democratization.
  3. We no longer have a trust-based, aligned society. Social capital markets and entrepreneurship may be part of the remedy.
  4. There’s a need for social capital markets to be vigilant about keeping the movement open and constantly inviting other industries and stakeholders into the discussion. The social capital movement is not a sector but rather a point of view. It’s a way to approaching sectors-based, system-wide change.

Your Name: Grace Chang

Impact Investing / Social Entrepreneurship / Sustainable Development
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