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Breaking barriers and opening doors to access to clearing cooking fuels to a person at a last mile in Uganda

SOCAP Global September 10, 2014

By: Emmy Wasirwa, Wana Energy Solutions
Q: How is your venture igniting vibrant communities? 
Wana Energy Solutions provides a cooking energy solution which is clean reliable, affordable and thermally efficient, for both urban and rural communities, and thereby creates energy efficiency, reduction in indoor air pollution and prevention of tree cutting unlike traditional fuels where mainly we use charcoal and firewood from trees. Over the past six years, we have helped 4000 beneficiaries, creating 20 direct jobs, generated $1.6 million in revenue and reduced indoor air pollution to about 20,000 people, compared to charcoal and firewood which kill about 20,000 Ugandans annually due to the indoor air pollution.

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