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Effortless Energy offers free, no-hassle way to stop climate change, one home at a time

SOCAP Global September 11, 2014

By: Claire Tramm, Effortless Energy
home energy
Effortless Energy offers free, easy home upgrades at no cost to customers. Our innovative efficiency-as-a-service model leverages software, advanced data analytics, and finance to make home energy efficiency the no-brainer it ought to be. After a visit from an Energy Expert, we pay for and upgrade things like thermostats, refrigerators, lighting, and furnaces to make them more efficient. Then, we share in the utility bill savings we create by charging customers per unit of energy saved at a rate lower than the cost of using energy. As a result, customers receive a more valuable, easier-to-control, more comfortable, quieter, healthier, and greener Effortless Home while saving money on their bills.

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