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Saving the 30-40% of kids failing to learn to read

SOCAP Global September 11, 2014

By: Glenn Andert, Read Me Stories (8Interactive)
read me
By allowing 30-40% of kids to fail to learn to read, we (the adults) are putting them on the path to education failure, poverty and crime. Itäó»s our mission to put them back on track. We have a proven track record of putting 98% of these struggling kids back on track. About Read Me Stories in 60 seconds: (*) 5 million kids to-date, NO promotion, NO sales force. Next goal 50M. (*) Outstanding reputation with kids, parents and teachers: 20,000 reviews, 97% delighted. (*) Bilingual versions for Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and more. (*) Hello from our creatures: How it works: (*) Disney-caliber content engages even kids that hate reading – they look forward to using Read Me Stories for homework, instead of print books. (*) Outstanding real-world outcomes head-starting kids with reading before they get to school, accelerating the entire class, and putting the 40% that are failing at reading back on level. (*) Serves as digital reading homework. Integrates perfectly with in-classroom reading literacy solutions and practices. (*) Provides the teacher with weekly literacy assessments giving insight into effort, mastery and problem areas, with zero admin for the teacher, and no additional time for the child. Read Me Stories is uniquely positioned at the boundary between school and home, with both proven consumer engagement and proven core literacy outcomes. Read Me Stories is deployment and investment ready. We would be delighted to meet with you.

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