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TriplePundit’s Top 10 Social Capital Articles of 2015

SOCAP Global January 19, 2016

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By Jen Boynton
Impact investors and social entrepreneurs work from different ends of the economic structure to address social, economic and environmental injustice. That’s why these two groups are always key fodder for TriplePundit which covers all things related to the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. As SOCAP folks know, impact investing is concerned with the broad economic scope – not just making money but using investment dollars to change the way our economy works. And social entrepreneurs are using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems from the ground up. By showcasing opportunities for investors and innovative business offerings, TriplePundit brings the SOCAP community the best of both worlds. Here are our top ten articles on social enterprise and impact investing in 2015.
For Investors: Why metrics matter when it comes to impact investing
This guest post from Jed Emerson, Chief Impact Strategist at ImpactAssets and impact investing pioneer, explains why impact metrics are more important than ever when it comes to impact investing, while also acknowledging that the metrics debate is as frustrating as it is necessary.
For Everyone: Why the future of social, sustainable and impact investing is in female hands
In the early days of the social investing movement, women and girls were seen more as program beneficiaries than financial movers and shakers. Social lenders changed their view when they realized that focusing initiatives like microfinance on women turned out to be the most effective way to make whole communities more prosperous
For Investors: Don Shaffer, CEO of RSF Social Finance, calls for a new funding approach
Shaffer explains how the Integrated Capital model can address the many funding challenges of a developing enterprise by pairing traditional impact investing with loans, gifts and equity investments in order to bring founders the funds they need at rates and risk ratios that work for the funding community.
For Entrepreneurs: Deep green companies boost sustainable startups
Patagonia, Clif Bar and Seventh Generation all have new funds for start-ups seeking capital. Founders should read on to find out how to access these funds, and for an inspiring example of paying it forward through sustainable business.
For Investors: Corporations responding to shareholder activists on ESG concerns
Impact investments are on the rise in public equity markets thanks to increasing pressure by long-term investors on public companies to undertake ESG initiatives. With the amount of influence and impact that public companies have on environment and society, the efforts of leading socially conscious funds and other major investors has tremendous potential for improving the sustainability of business as usual.
For Entrepreneurs: Can a Direct Public Offering work for you?
One local business, a cheese shop and restaurant, is funding an expansion through a Direct Public Offering. This trend offers a twist on the impact investing model, allowing individuals with modest net worth to get involved.
For Investors: Why green bonds trade above market rates
Graham Sinclair explains in great detail how green investments might be a better bet than traditional bonds. It comes down to economics 101: supply and demand. Plus some good old market correction for risk.
For Everyone: What it will take to finance the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
Last but not least, a look at global development and the financial challenge of real, lasting change. The 17 UN sustainable development goals are sweeping and call on countries and corporations alike to do their part to solve social and environmental inequality. In this article we look at the financial challenge of funding the sweeping goals.

Jen_Boynton_headshot_TriplePundit Jen Boynton is Editor in Chief of TriplePundit.com 

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