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Inspiration and Celebrations from SOCAP16

SOCAP December 21, 2016

Every year the Social Capital Markets Conference brings together a diverse community of leading entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and innovators. The community that came together at the Fort Mason center for SOCAP16 included over 2,500 changemakers from 60 countries around the world.
At this year’s conference we sent a team of volunteers out with a dry erase board, a camera and a question. They asked everyone they met at the Fort Mason Center: What is Inspiring You Right Now? Their celebrations were inspiring to us and we thought they might be to you too. Here are some of our favorite responses:
The eclectic mix of innovators and social impact mavens from around the world!
-Jamie Bay Nishi, @JamieDevex
So many smart and committed people making the world a better place!
-Upaya @UpayaSV
Passionate brilliant people working together.
-John Douglas @thejohndouglas
INGOS getting into impact investing!
-Mathu Jeyaloganathan @Mathu_Logan
2500 people wanting to change the world. We are not alone!
-Kyeyti @KheytiFarmers
The Entrepreneurial Cities Session: Inspired by the great ideas for how to care about our cities by working with local government AND citizens. The presenters shared models and programs for how to do this successfully.
-Gillian Haley, Justicewise LLC.
The Baltimore Delegation
Invested Impact
Mission: Launch Centro de los Derechos del Migrante
Impact Hub Baltimore
Social Innovation
City Seeds
-Invested Impact @InvestedImpact
African media and technology entrepreneurs.
-African Technology Foundation @Innovate_Africa
Women investing in women and girls.
-I Look Like a Civil Engineer @ilooklikeaCE
All the good people.
-CoPower @CoPowerInc
Meeting awesome B Corps!
-B Corporation @BCorporation
Cross Collaboration.
-Annie Chor @AnnieChor
We express our gratitude to everyone at SOCAP16 who shared their inspirations with our volunteers. Thanks also to all of you who are working to create positive social and environmental impact. You inspire us year after year.

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