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Momentum is Growing for the GCP

SOCAP April 10, 2017

We are very excited about the energy and excitement surrounding the Good Capital Project and the way the impact community is coming together since word first went out about the GCP.
Last week, we announced our first list of committed partners and participants. The Good Capital Project is proud to have already received support from members of the development, Wall Street, academic, and impact communities. New participants continue to join the GCP every day.
If you want to hear why leaders of these communities are excited to be involved, please follow our Why GCP blog series. Prominent GCP collaborators from across the spectrum are sharing their valuable insights, hopes, and recommendations for the Good Capital Project with us now. In the coming weeks, we will share these interviews with you. You can now read our Why GCP: Interview with John Kohler from Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship. Over the next ten weeks leading up to our launch event, we plan to talk to members of all of the different communities that support and are involved in the impact investing and social enterprise ecosystem.

GCP Schedule and Updates Coming Soon

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more details about our launch event in New York City on June 19, and about the future of the Good Capital Project over the next two years. Register for our newsletter to receive these and other critical updates.
GCP tickets are available at a special discounted rate now. Make sure to buy your tickets before the price increases on April 14th if you have yet to secure your spot!

Scholarships Now Available

We want the Good Capital Project to include all constituents so that this initiative will be informed by the learnings, best practices, successes and failures of our collective efforts. To help make sure that as many sectors as possible are represented, we are offering both full and partial scholarships for individual entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and others to be a valuable voice in this conversation.

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