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SOCAP Open: Start Planning Your Session for SOCAP17

SOCAP April 27, 2017

What would you bring to SOCAP? We want to hear your suggestions. SOCAP17 will be our fifth year of crowdsourcing content directly from our community through SOCAP Open.  Do you want to organize a panel, create a workshop, or develop some other type of programming for SOCAP17? If you want to lead a session at SOCAP17–now is the time to begin reaching out to potential panelists and other collaborators.

We are now accepting SOCAP Open submissions!   

What is SOCAP Open?

SOCAP is the world’s leading conference on impact investing and social enterprise. Our community is working on innovative solutions to the world’s greatest environmental and social challenges. SOCAP Open is our way of giving anyone a chance to participate in SOCAP as a session organizer. This is your opportunity to be a thought leader at the Social Capital Markets Conference.

How do I send in my Session Proposal?

Click here to share your idea through our SOCAP Open platform.

How is SOCAP Open content selected?

The SOCAP community has a voice in the selection of all sessions proposed through Open. Even if you do not wish to lead a session, we still want to hear your thoughts on which sessions you would like to see at the Fort Mason Center. Vote! Visit the SOCAP17 Open site once a day every day between June 1st and 15th to read proposals sent in by other SOCAP community members and vote for the sessions that interest you most.

How Many SOCAP Open Ideas will be Selected?

The final number of selections is not yet determined. For the last two years the number of accepted sessions has grown along with the number of entries. We received a record 250 SOCAP Open proposals for last year’s flagship SOCAP conference. Our community selected 48 of those sessions to be shared at SOCAP16. In 2015 over 30 sessions were selected out of 200 submissions.

What is the Deadline for SOCAP Open Proposals in 2017?

Don’t delay in sending in your proposal. No submissions will be accepted after midnight on May 31st, 2017.

Who Can Send in a SOCAP Open Proposal?

Everyone who has a SOCAP session idea, and is willing and able to bring that idea to life at the conference is invited to send in a SOCAP Open proposal. We want the most diverse group of participants at SOCAP.

What Do SOCAP Open Session Organizers Receive?

If your session idea is selected and you agree to organize the session, we will offer you a free ticket to SOCAP17. You do not have to miss out on our early purchase discounts. Buy your SOCAP17 ticket now at the discounted rate and if your session is selected we will refund you the amount you paid.

Where Can I Get Ideas for SOCAP Open?

The idea for your session proposal should be aligned with the primary interests and passions of the SOCAP Community. Look to the SOCAP17 content themes for inspiration:

  • Impact Investing
  • Meaning
  • Climate Change
  • Neighborhood Economics
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Education
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Good Capital Project
  • Beyond Aid: Achieving Development Goals

If your idea is relevant to another area of social innovation that deserves attention, please send us a proposal even if the topic falls outside of these themes. The voters and our expert review panel will ultimately decide which Open sessions will be included in the conference schedule. There are many session each year that fall outside of the annual themes.

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