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Announcement: Guest Curator Spotlight Series at SOCAP17

SOCAP June 30, 2017

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Social Capital Markets conference, we reached out to leaders in the impact space and asked them to join us as Guest Curators. Each guest curated “Spotlight” is focused on a core inquiry, and utilizes multiple sessions and various formats to explore that inquiry with SOCAP attendees.
SOCAP always comes together through sessions designed by and for practitioners, and we are excited for these Spotlights to deepen conversations on important themes beyond a single session. In extending the invitation we started with the question:
If you had a platform at the world’s largest convening of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and changemakers, how would you use it to break down sector silos and catalyze action towards solutions?
We are very excited to announce that several notable members of our community have taken on this challenge:

Learn more about SOCAP17 Guest Curators and the core inquiries their Spotlight sessions will explore.
While developing their core inquiry and aligned sessions, SOCAP Guest Curators were asked to draw from their own perspectives and networks while considering the diverse, cross sector SOCAP community. Our hope is that our Guest Curators will help bring new ideas and voices into the conversation at the intersection of money and meaning.

Lindsay Smalling on the Guest Curator Series

The SOCAP content team, led by SOCAP Producer and Curator Lindsay Smalling, will be working with each curator to help them develop and bring their concept to the stage at SOCAP17. Lindsay said the Spotlight Series “will be a valuable addition to SOCAP content because it will create a more sustained and nuanced exploration of key questions. We have also taken care to invite curators who sit at the intersection of impact investing and other communities, to increase conversations across the silos that slow progress.”

Guest Curator Interview Series

To give you insight into these special sessions, over the next several weeks we will be interviewing our Guest Curators and sharing their visions with you for the content they are now developing. They will discuss the vision guiding their core themes, the challenges and opportunities in their topic areas, their hopes for what the audience will achieve during the session, and their hopes for the future. Read the Guest Curator interviews here.

Impact Investing / Social Entrepreneurship
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