7 Reasons to Join the Conscious Business World Summit

Aaron Kahlow December 15, 2017

People have been asking me a lot lately, “Just what is this Conscious Business World Summit coming up in January? And furthermore what is Conscious Business?”  Let me explain.

What is Conscious Business?

Conscious business involves being aware (conscious) of the effect you have on the people around you, your own workforce, and the planet we call home.  Think about the personal consciousness of leaders intersecting with sustainable and social good-oriented business practices intersecting with a commitment to  wellbeing for both the workforce and the community.  

One way we like to look at it is from a Me–We–World approach. We work on our own “Me” — conscious self-awareness to become better people.  Then we use that internal strength to create the amazing actions of “We” in the role of a leader to achieve harmony and creativity with a team or company. Finally, we incorporate the “World,” where we can undertake causes that help improve our society as a whole. It works the other way too: if we’d like to have a positive impact on the world, we need a highly functioning team (we) to be a part of and our ability to make a valuable contribution to that team rises and falls with our sconsciousness (me).

What is the Conscious Business World Summit?

Conscious Company Media is proud to be part of a special online event that will convene the leading thinkers and practitioners from just about every corner of the conscious business movement to participate in a week-long, online summit from January 8-12, 2018.

There are so many reasons why this ground-breaking event is exciting, but I will limit my list to 7 to allow for a quick read and to leave some gems for you to discover when you explore ConsciousBusinessWorldSummit.com. 

7 Reasons The Conscious Business World Summit Is So Exciting

#7 – The Ease of Access

Because this is an online, virtual event consisting of video interviews and best practices seminars, you can simply click a link from your phone or computer and hear some of the world’s foremost authorities and inspiring leaders. Even if you are still in your pajamas.

#6 – The Interviews

You’ll to really get to know 20+ major people in the conscious business movement in sessions that are designed to pull out much more practical insight than your average interview.  A few of my favorite examples of this are:

  • Siegel–Fisher On the Fly: The impromptu moment when Dr. Dan Siegel asks the legendary Eileen Fisher to come from behind the camera and join his interview.  It leads to an amazing exploration of how Eileen copes with her own fears and limitations to lead her global enterprise with a powerful authenticity.  
  • Simon’s Deepest Personal Challenge:  Tami Simon is the CEO of SoundsTrue, the world’s most prolific publisher on consciousness.  She tells all about her blind spots as a leader, her awakening, and how her wife became the shining light to help her on her way.
  • LinkedIn’s Shute on the Imperfect Workplace:  Scott Shute, LinkedIn’s head of operations and de-facto Chief Mindfulness Officer, gets personal about the challenges of working for any large company, even one as compassionately driven as LinkedIn, and what he’s trying to do to address those challenges.
  • Twist and Turns of Life Purpose at Work:  Lynne Twist tells her inspiring story of finding her purpose, getting comfortable with money, and how her out-of-body experience gave her the courage to make the big change in her life’s work.
  • 1440 reasons to be Authentic as a Leader: 1440 Multiversity is what I call the world’s first mindfulness university and retreat center. Its founder, Scott Kriens, shares his own personal journey from tech CEO to man on a mission and shows us what it means to really let go of our identity as a corporate leader and find our truest, most authentic self.

#5 – The Cost

It’s free to watch live.  Need I say more?

#4 – The Global Community

We’ve secured sessions from mindfulness leaders in UK’s parliament, authors from South America & Peru, influencers from India and Australia, and leading practitioners from all over North America.  It’s plain old cool to get such a diverse set of perspectives on what it means to be a conscious business from all over the globe.

#3 – The Movements within the Movement

We have partnered with dozens of organizations representing nearly every part of the conscious business movement. We get to hear the state of the movement and deep insights on what’s working from spending time with folks like Jay Coen Gilbert founder of B Lab; how to approach the policy process from the American Sustainable Business Council; a summary on cutting-edge research on workplace culture from Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work; and the coolest advances in spreading mindfulness with Mo Ebjabdi, Founder of Mindful Leaders. And that’s only the beginning.

#2 – Our Hosts

I have the pleasure to join frequent Conscious Company contributor Nathan Havey of Thrive Consulting on the topic of conscious business and Emily Lane, emcee of Wisdom 2.0 and founder of Conscious Leaders Academy to host this event.  We are working hard to curate interviews on this critical topic and really draw the insight out of our speakers in a way that is not often seen.

#1 – You

We have thousands of people already registered to attend the event. And I want to invite you, dear reader to join us. We are all learning how to be more conscious, build effective teams, and have a positive impact on our world. We need to take advantage of opportunities to accelerate our growth and development as individuals and as a global community. This is such an opportunity. I’m excited to see you there.


To learn more and register for the free event, go to www.ConsciousBusinessWorldSummit.com.   


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