We’ve Got Some Big News! SOCAP and Sorenson Impact Center Join Forces to Help Shape the Next Era of Impact!

Announcing the new SOCAP Podcast ‘Money + Meaning’ and Episode One

SOCAP Global June 27, 2018

We are excited to announce that SOCAP has launched a new podcast series, Money + Meaning: Unlikely Allies Building New Markets for Impact.

Hosted by SOCAP’s own Lindsay Smalling and Liz Maxwell, Money + Meaning aims to expand the conversation around impact investing and strategies to finance and support social change while stimulating innovative and valuable new partnerships across sectors. You’ll also hear stories of the impact being created by the synergy between unlikely partners.


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Money + Meaning will amplify some of the most interesting and important voices in the impact space. Episodes will feature a mix of panel discussions recorded live during our SOCAP 365 events and in depth conversations with diverse members of the SOCAP Community who are catalyzing a vibrant marketplace for social and environmental impact.

Episode One: Welcome to the Impact Marketplace

In this inaugural episode, Liz and Lindsay introduce the podcast, discuss the origins of impact investing and the SOCAP conference, unpack what we mean by “unlikely allies” and give a sneak peek of podcasts to come over the course of the season.

Why Unlikely Allies?

SOCAP co-founder Kevin Jones has always called SOCAP “the place where valuable strangers become unlikely allies.” When you are trying to convene the “right” people around the table, what about the people you don’t know you need to meet?

Ever since our first conference over a decade ago, SOCAP has been building a community of unlikely cross-sector allies, people who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines–all of whom share a common goal of creating a better world through market based solutions. As Liz says in the podcast, “whether you are a long time SOCAP conference attendee, a student, a new entrepreneur, a skeptical investor, a passionate activist or a generally curious member of the public, we welcome you.”

To encourage unexpected and catalytic new partnerships, SOCAP has always invited, in the words of Lindsay Smalling, “anybody who thinks they should be there, who wants to be part of the conversation. That is who we hope to reach with this podcast as well.”

Featured Voices

This episode features Liz Maxwell and Lindsay Smalling, the hosts of Money + Meaning.

Lindsay Smalling

Lindsay is CEO of SOCAP, and serves as the producer and curator of the flagship SOCAP conference. Before joining the SOCAP team in 2012, Lindsay was a Strategic Initiatives Officer at ImpactAssets where she was focused on building knowledge resources that advance the field of impact investing. In this episode Lindsay tells of her path to impact from a start working for an institutional money manager.

Liz Maxwell

Liz is Senior Content Manager for SOCAP, focused on SOCAP 365, our year-round series of SOCAP events. Previously she ran events and programming at Impact Hub NYC and worked as a consultant and organizer for The Feast, the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture, and other organizations. During our first episode, Liz tells the story of her journey to the impact space from her passion for the arts.

Sneak Peek: Episode 2 Bring a Friend, Add a Zero —  LIVE AT SOCAP 365 in Philadelphia

Recorded panel on Building a Successful Investor Ecosystem for 21st Century Philadelphia presented in partnership with ImpactPHL and featuring speakers from Ben Franklin Tech Partners, Philanthropy Network of Greater Philadelphia, The Reinvestment Fund, and Investors’ Circle.
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