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Financial Activists and 21st Century Leadership: Episode 6 of Money + Meaning

SOCAP August 29, 2018

Episode six of our new podcast series, Money + Meaning: Unlikely Allies Building New Markets for Impact is now available!


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Episode Six: Unlikely Allies Joel Solomon and Akaya Windwood

How can we rethink finance and create a new generation of leaders that will build an inclusive, equitable, and just economy? Akaya Windwood and Joel Solomon provide their own unique insights in our new episode of Money and Meaning.

Akaya Windwood is the outgoing President of Rockwood Leadership Institute, an organization that provides transformative leadership trainings for social change, nonprofit, and philanthropic communities. Joel Solomon is Co-Founder and Chair of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest mission venture capital firm with $98M under management, and author of the book, The Clean Money Revolution.

These unlikely allies first came together to help develop the Integrated Capital Institute for RSF Social Finance. Together they worked to build a program designed to lead a group of emerging visionaries and help them think about all the creative ways that money could be used to create social change. In this conversation led by Liz Maxwell, Joel and Akaya talk about the vitally important work they are doing at the intersection of money, social change, and leadership.

Featured Voices

Joel Solomon
Renewal Funds

Akaya Windwood
Rockwood Leadership Institute

Host: Liz Maxwell


About Money + Meaning

Money + Meaning is the official podcast of SOCAP. This series aims to expand the conversation around impact investing and strategies to finance and support social change while stimulating innovative and valuable new partnerships across sectors.

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