Ep. 20: Courtney Klein of Seed Spot

WCW Podcast February 25, 2019

Courtney Klein believes that entrepreneurs hold the solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. With this mission in mind, she founded Seed Spot, an incubator supporting diverse, impact-driven entrepreneurs. Within schools and communities throughout the US, underrepresented founders receive training, mentorship, and tools to launch and scale their ideas for change. Since Courtney launched Seed Spot, she’s helped hundreds of social entrepreneurs start ventures that positively impact people’s lives. In today’s episode, she shares her personal startup story, which involves deeply understanding a problem, while trusting her intuition. Courtney also tells us her best entrepreneurship advice. So if you’ve got the seed of an idea in mind – maybe to start a business or possibly to take a new direction – keep listening for inspiration on ways to help that idea grow.

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