This 1 Pass Gets You Into 2 Conscious Business Events in April 2019

Vanessa Childers March 21, 2019

As we near the end of March, it’s likely many 2019 New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside. But if one of the items on this year’s list was to invest in yourself and elevate your conscious leadership skills to the next tier of “woke,” it’s not too late. Conscious Company and Conscious Capitalism, Inc. are teaming up on a 2019 Conscious Leader Ticket Bundle so you can apply to attend both of these incredible gatherings in April. (Note: To redeem the offer, enter promo code BUNDLE to the “Partner Promo Code” box at the end of the application.)

Need a little convincing? Here are a handful of reasons to be there for both events. Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business — and yourself — with two of the best conscious business events out there.

Conscious Company Leaders Forum
April 10-12, 2019 in Scotts Valley, CA

3 Reasons To Attend the Conscious Company Leaders Forum:

Brave Conversations: The Conscious Company Leaders Forum is a place for business leaders, both on and off stage, to drop the facade and be real with one another. The experience is built around everyone in the room — including speakers — having raw and honest conversations (the good, bad, and ugly) about what it actually takes to succeed in business.

An Incredible Network: The Leaders Forum is a place to find your tribe: other conscious business leaders who understand what you’re going through. These are peers who can help you with any issue you’re facing and who will be great potential partners for your business. Conscious Company’s invite-only format means everyone in the room is a potentially valuable contact for everyone else.

Authenticity… for real: Conscious Company truly delivers the most conscious business conference about conscious business. The programming focuses on holistic impact, including personal leadership development, workplace culture development, and new ideas for creating larger impact in the world as business leaders and through these companies’ operations. This conference examines every aspect from inclusion and diversity to the conference’s footprint and the wellness of attendees.

Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference
April 23-25, 2019 in Phoenix, AZ

3 Reasons to Attend the Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference

Learning Labs: It’s great to support the Conscious Capitalism movement, but it’s not enough to sustain you as a business leader. You will need best practices — tried and true tools and resources — that have helped other conscious leaders level-up their capabilities and capacities as they lead conscious businesses.

Build Your Best Team: The Conscious Capitalism Annual Conference is not just for CEOs; its for every single leader in your company who makes the choice to bring their best self to work every day in pursuit of your company’s purpose and mission. Bring your team and give them access to an amazing community of conscious business leaders, best practices, and exciting opportunities to engage and grow as leaders at work, home, and play.

Discover Your Story: We all have a reason why we practice Conscious Capitalism, but can you articulate it to others in a way that captures the experience of your life as a conscious capitalist so that they too want to get involved? The 2019 conference takes your story seriously. Discover it. Tell it. Share it with the world.

See you in April?

Apply for the 2019 Conscious Leader Ticket Bundle here. Note: To redeem the offer, enter promo code BUNDLE to the “Partner Promo Code” box at the end of the application.


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