VIDEO: Use Your Voice – Know Your Vote – Community Power in Action!

CCM Staff June 18, 2020

Ever felt as though your vote literally didn’t count…so why bother? Plus, all of those issues, bonds, and candidates are too overwhelming and confusing.

Well, you have a choice, but you must use your voice to make the change you want to see in the world. Please join us for a conversation with CEO and Founder of Know Your Vote, Selena Strandberg, as she explains her efforts to demystify the political process and get more people using their voices. A nerd wallet for voting, KnowYourVote is a non-partisan political information platform that empowers women and men to participate in the political process. Know Your Vote curates publicly-available data to give voters transparent access to easily digestible information about candidates and issues. Socially conscious companies such as Patagonia, Ben and Jerry’s, and Headcount are big fans.

Social Entrepreneurship / Stakeholder Capitalism
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