We’ve Got Some Big News! SOCAP and Sorenson Impact Center Join Forces to Help Shape the Next Era of Impact!

We’re Going Big! Big Tent That Is!

CCM Staff October 13, 2020

It’s true. We’re excited to join the kindred social entrepreneurship and impact investing community at SOCAP to form SOCAP Global. One thing we know for certain: Together, all ships rise. It is in this spirit that we are joining our voices together to activate the community at large to drive greater, deeper, collective social change. Conscious leadership and values alignment must become a daily practice for everyone.

What exactly does this mean? We’ve made it easier for you to find the content that you’ve come to expect from us. You’ll still receive the stories, intimate Q&As and best practices you love. The newsletter? Yep, you’ll get that, too, with insights from the trusted practitioners in our community and new voices to keep you current on what is happening in the social impact space. 

What’s new is you’ll have direct access to more content and a wider community of like-minded values-aligned souls. Wider community means greater opportunity for collaboration, innovation and, ultimately, systemic transformation. Located on the “Leadership” tab of our new SOCAP Global website, we are building a large repository of past content along with adding new. We’re expanding the opportunity for community contribution as well. We hope you’ll consider being among them.

Through the creation of SOCAP Global, we believe we will better activate our core values of intentionality, inclusion and intersectionality, and galvanize the power of the amazing community we have. 

Emails from SOCAP Global will start to land in your inbox upon the completion of the merge and website launch, which is planned by months end. 

Thank you for your past support. We look forward to building even more together in this next chapter.


What is happening to Conscious Company Media? 

Conscious Company is merging with its sister brand, SOCAP, and will now be found at SOCAPGlobal.com (once the site is live).

When will this happen?

The new site will go live by the end of October. Emails will go out to the Conscious Company Media community from SOCAPGlobal.com after the merge

What does this mean?

Access to more information, opportunities to meet a broader group of values aligned people, the chance to contribute more, greater resources at your fingertips ranging from best practices, investment and partnerships.

Where will I find Conscious Company Media content?

We are migrating all of CCM’s content under the Leadership tab to ease the navigation. Content also will be searchable across additional tags, such as climate and leadership.

Will I still get a newsletter? A podcast? Events?

Yes—in fact, you’ll get more, as you’ll now get the SOCAP Global newsletter that will include information about our many upcoming webinars, Q&As, and podcasts. The World Changing Women podcast is coming into its next season, as are the Leadership Q&As. 

How can I stay up-to-date with the changes and the Conscious Company Media community?

We held a community call in early October, and plan to hold future community calls. Everyone currently signed up for Conscious Company emails will receive an invite to these future calls. Otherwise, the SOCAP Global newsletter and social media handles will be the place to be a part of the conversation!

Will there be an event for World Changing Women or the Leadership Summit? 

Events for both World Changing Women and the Leadership Summit will be virtual in 2021. World Changing Women Summit will be in late March/early April. We are currently deciding the best way to execute the Leadership Summit and when.

We’d love to get your suggestion on what types of content you’d like to see and speakers. Please submit ideas to [email protected]. We want to build this for you together with you.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in building this powerful and important community!


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